W09 Relevance & Quality Score

Of course, after I heard about the quality score I set a personal goal to achieve this. The more that I read, the more nervous I get as far as realizing the probability of achieving this number very quickly I know I am a competitive person and I just have to remind myself that itContinue reading “W09 Relevance & Quality Score”

W07 Reflection: Google Ads & Keywords

This week has brought lots of excitement for me. I have seen some benefits from all of the hard work that I have been putting in. I have expressed my concerns with this web creation in previous posts, and although I still have my reservations, I am so excited to see things up and going.Continue reading “W07 Reflection: Google Ads & Keywords”

W06 Reflection: Legal Structure

I never thought much about creating a website or owning my own business so thinking about all the legal items that go with these never crossed my mind. Can I say that I thought that people just did whatever and everyone was good with it without sounding naive? I was happy to find that IdahoContinue reading “W06 Reflection: Legal Structure”

W04 Reflection: Site Builder & Hosting

I keep thinking that eventually, I am going to start getting the hang of things, but it sure doesn’t seem to be happening quite yet. I am feeling like I am drowning with loads of information that I am struggling to distinguish. With all of this information, I do feel like I am learning aContinue reading “W04 Reflection: Site Builder & Hosting”

W03 Reflection: Sourcing the Product

This week has been a bit better than last, but I still feel a bit overwhelmed. There are so many options and I want to be sure I choose the best option for me. It is great that we are assigned to research our choices though because if I had to just choose one overContinue reading “W03 Reflection: Sourcing the Product”

W02 Reflection: Choosing a Business

Week 2 Reflection I am feeling a bit defeated and quite frankly lost at what to do for my business idea. I see all these videos and posts and people make this seem so easy. I have been stuck on “good” ideas that I think will be worth my time. I always thought that IContinue reading “W02 Reflection: Choosing a Business”

Ad Campaign Reverse Engineer Post

Original Ad Here is the original ad that I chose to mimic for my assignment this week. I felt like it met all the criteria, as well as something that I can relate to. When choosing the ad, I knew that I wanted to find something that my children could relate to. They sat byContinue reading “Ad Campaign Reverse Engineer Post”