W12 Reflection: Social Media for SEO & Social Networking

Social Media Platforms

This lesson was one that I have had a bit of anxiety over. Posting something out on the web for strangers to see isn’t near as intimidating as posting on your social media platforms for all of your friends and family to see. I really admire people that just dive in and are able to do well.

Take the dive

One thing that I have learned from watching my friends is that you really do just have to go for it. You need to be all in if you want to be successful in your online business. This is something that I am not quite sure I am ready for. I work full time as well as going to school part-time… all while trying to be the best wife and mother that I can be.

The juggle is real!

If I were able to quit one of those (and we all know which one it will most likely be) I think that I would really like to be able to focus on an online business where I can just stay home. I have learned so much these past 12 weeks.

Instagram Influencer

If I did plan to continue my online business, I would direct most of my efforts to Instagram. I am the most comfortable on this site and I have seen many other “influencers” become successful here. I follow many accounts that are successful and I feel like I can learn so much from them. I really love that they have a product in hand and SHOW you how it works. I think we can all relate so much more when we see a product in action, especially if it is from a trusted source.

Trusted source

W10 Reflection: ROI & Optimizing Ad Performance

This week’s lesson on ROI and Optimizing your Ad Performance was great. I think it is imperative for everyone to understand what ROI means and what it takes to really get the best bang for your buck.

One thing I have learned is that it does take money to make some money. This class has taught me that it doesn’t take a million dollars, but investing a little bit of money can go a long ways. It is just important to make sure that your expenses do not outweigh your income.

I have also learned that money does not buy everything. It takes a lot of time and practice to learn what works and what doesn’t. I have found that I need to dedicate more time now so that I can have a bigger return later.

This is not always easy and the older I get, the more I realize how valuable time really is. I am a mom of 4 busy/active kids, I work full time, I am in the Relief Society Presidency, and I am trying to juggle school somewhere in between all of those so time does not come easy for me. I have found myself having to stay up later and wake up earlier in order for me to be able to juggle all the hats I am wearing. If I did not see the value in what I was doing it would make it much more difficult, but fortunately I can see that it is necessary.

Taking time to really sit down and monitor how my google ads are doing is especially important. If I am going to spend the money to create an ad, I want to be sure that the ad is running at its best. I cannot draw attention if I am using the wrong keywords. I am planning to make time to go over things frequently so as to improve my ad’s performance. Who knows… maybe this thing will take off!


Amazon Alexa

Are you considering which Alexa device is best for you? With so many options it may be a bit confusing to decide on just one. No worries. We have sever of the Alexa devices and have been happy with each one. Weather you are looking to upgrade to a smart home or are just browsing speaker options, you will find something that works for you! I have attached some of the top products in our home that we use every day.

My kids love listening to music and playing the brain games available with the Echo Dot.
My kids love watching sports highlights as well as reading lyrics to their favorite songs with the Echo Show
The Amazon Firestick has been a great addition to our house where we currently do not have a smart T.V. Has all the capabilities that a smart T.V. has!
The KASA Smart Plug in is great for lamps or even Christmas trees. Alexa, turn off the lights.

W13 Reflection: Ranking, Link Building & Google Analytics

Still so much to learn

After this week’s lesson I realized just how much I still have to learn. I knew that my site still had a lot of work to do, but after putting my page to the test, I realized that I have much more than I thought.

Put it to the test

After doing the optimization test, my eyes were opened. I am doing things incorrectly and it showed on my test results. I did quite poorly in areas that I wasn’t even worried about because I thought that I had done them correctly. This made me stop and think and really wish that we had a bit more time to go over some of the information in this class. I felt that the information was good, but we were required to retain so much that it was difficult to do.

Too much info!

However, I really do appreciate this class and all that I have learned. I remember being told that this class was a ready, fire, aim class and I feel that I understand that now. We can all learn so much from our mistakes and after I saw some of the things I was struggling with I remembered what we had learned. I know what I need to do to fix my errors, but it will take time. I am just glad that this business of mine was not something that I had going. I would have hated to make that impression to those people I had already done business with. If I were to keep things going, I would definitely fix my errors before I threw my reputation out there.

W11 Reflection: Landing Page Optimization & Basic SEO

What is a landing page?

I realized early in the week that I have set up my website incorrectly. I have all of my traffic directed to my home page, when I really need to direct my traffic to the landing page. When you think of a landing page, it really is the destination page. We really want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to be able to find our products. Even though I feel like my home page is pretty easy to follow, it is one extra click that can detour people from clicking on my products.

Don’t lead your customers on a detour

This is something we want to avoid. Directing traffic directly to your landing page will increase your success and help boost your website. I know that I personally have left a website when finding the product I was looking for was not easy to find.

Don’t make it hard to find

This led me to leave the website and purchase a different product elsewhere. This is what we want to avoid. Simplicity is good and make sure that your lading page follows these basic steps.

Optimize your website

It is also important to optimize your website. Take advantage of social media and use it to your advantage. People/businesses have been very successful by utilizing this tool. I personally have loved purchasing products from people I trust. Build up your following and boost your sales!

W09 Relevance & Quality Score

Of course, after I heard about the quality score I set a personal goal to achieve this. The more that I read, the more nervous I get as far as realizing the probability of achieving this number very quickly

I know I am a competitive person and I just have to remind myself that it is ok to not get a 10 right away.

I am really excited to be able to see a bit more information on the traffic in my website. I like the idea of being able to see how long someone spends time in each area and what they are looking at.

Google Analytics is going to be a great tool for any business, but I am especially excited as a novice in this area. Having this information will do no good though if one does not take advantage of it and monitor everything frequently. I hope that I can be good at this and be able to reap all of the benefits!

W08 Reflection: Ads

I am happy to say that things are starting to be less stressful. Once I got my site up and going, I was able to see how everything works and see all the things that I have learned.

When I first created my Google ad, I am sad to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to what I was doing. I was going through the motions and pretty much checking boxes. I am so happy that we did not publish the ad before it was ready.

Thank goodness for our step by step process because I was able to learn and see what a successful ad needs. I really appreciate my classmates advice and I plan to apply their council. Here is to hoping that I don’t completely mess things up and that, hopefully, I can create a successful ad!

W07 Reflection: Google Ads & Keywords

This week has brought lots of excitement for me. I have seen some benefits from all of the hard work that I have been putting in. I have expressed my concerns with this web creation in previous posts, and although I still have my reservations, I am so excited to see things up and going.

This week we were able to connect google ads to our blog and see all the benefits that come from using this. I am excited to get things moving here and be able to reap all the rewards from them. I am a bit anxious to see if I am able to utilize their services to the fullest capacity. I know that there is still much to learn, but once again I need to focus on baby steps.

We have also learned about the importance of choosing the right keywords for your site. This is something I had not put much thought into until this week’s reading. I realize just how important it is for me to be able to choose the right keywords. For me, I have a wide variety of products that will appear on my site, so I will need to update my keywords often. I will also need to be thoughtful when creating my keyword list. How will people most likely search for these items? Is my list too broad or too specific?

Finding that happy medium is going to be key. I want to drive traffic to my blog so I want to have a general keyword, but I also want people to know the exact items that I will be showing on my site. What is the best keyword to use? Time will tell and I am excited to see how things go.

W06 Reflection: Legal Structure

I never thought much about creating a website or owning my own business so thinking about all the legal items that go with these never crossed my mind. Can I say that I thought that people just did whatever and everyone was good with it without sounding naive?

I was happy to find that Idaho does not require a state business license and I was just supposed to get with my local offices and figure out what is needed there. This was much less daunting than I anticipated and made the idea of creating my website a bit more obtainable.

Taxes have also been something that I have just plain avoided at all costs. I knew early on that this was an area that I had zero interest in going into a profession, but it is still vital that we understand what is required of us. I chose to be an affiliate for Amazon (last minute) and they made everything pretty simple. I filled out some forms and gave them a bit of information and I should be set. I do plan to double check that I got all my T’s crossed and I’s dotted, but I feel comfortable choosing to be an affiliate. I feel like this was a much safer route to go.

W05 Reflection: Site Design

As I am finishing up week 5 of our class I am realizing that things are starting to get real for this web creation class. We are making our final decisions and it has made me wonder if I really am ready. I know that I have studied and done my research, but I still wonder if I am making the right choices. Do I need to change my product? What should my domain name be? Will it be catchy enough to get customer’s to come? Ahhh!

I could sit down and tell myself over and over again that I am not making the right decision, or that my site is not going to be good enough. I need to stop being my own worst enemy and just go for it.

I know that I can do this! I just have to keep in mind that this is not a permanent thing and I can just hope that things work out well and hope that it is a positive result.

One thing I really am looking forward to is working with PayPal on a different level. I have worked with them through purchasing before and have been very pleased so I am anxious to see how they are when selling products. I am grateful to live in an era where everything is so readily accessible and paying for an item can be a simple as clicking a button!