W13 Reflection: Ranking, Link Building & Google Analytics

After this week’s lesson I realized just how much I still have to learn. I knew that my site still had a lot of work to do, but after putting my page to the test, I realized that I have much more than I thought. After doing the optimization test, my eyes were opened. IContinue reading “W13 Reflection: Ranking, Link Building & Google Analytics”

W12 Reflection: Social Media for SEO & Social Networking

This lesson was one that I have had a bit of anxiety over. Posting something out on the web for strangers to see isn’t near as intimidating as posting on your social media platforms for all of your friends and family to see. I really admire people that just dive in and are able toContinue reading “W12 Reflection: Social Media for SEO & Social Networking”

W11 Reflection: Landing Page Optimization & Basic SEO

I realized early in the week that I have set up my website incorrectly. I have all of my traffic directed to my home page, when I really need to direct my traffic to the landing page. When you think of a landing page, it really is the destination page. We really want to makeContinue reading “W11 Reflection: Landing Page Optimization & Basic SEO”

W10 Reflection: ROI & Optimizing Ad Performance

This week’s lesson on ROI and Optimizing your Ad Performance was great. I think it is imperative for everyone to understand what ROI means and what it takes to really get the best bang for your buck. One thing I have learned is that it does take money to make some money. This class hasContinue reading “W10 Reflection: ROI & Optimizing Ad Performance”

W09 Relevance & Quality Score

Of course, after I heard about the quality score I set a personal goal to achieve this. The more that I read, the more nervous I get as far as realizing the probability of achieving this number very quickly I know I am a competitive person and I just have to remind myself that itContinue reading “W09 Relevance & Quality Score”

W07 Reflection: Google Ads & Keywords

This week has brought lots of excitement for me. I have seen some benefits from all of the hard work that I have been putting in. I have expressed my concerns with this web creation in previous posts, and although I still have my reservations, I am so excited to see things up and going.Continue reading “W07 Reflection: Google Ads & Keywords”

W06 Reflection: Legal Structure

I never thought much about creating a website or owning my own business so thinking about all the legal items that go with these never crossed my mind. Can I say that I thought that people just did whatever and everyone was good with it without sounding naive? I was happy to find that IdahoContinue reading “W06 Reflection: Legal Structure”