W02 Reflection: Choosing a Business

Week 2 Reflection

My head hurts

I am feeling a bit defeated and quite frankly lost at what to do for my business idea. I see all these videos and posts and people make this seem so easy. I have been stuck on “good” ideas that I think will be worth my time. I always thought that I was a creative person until I had to come up with a new idea.

Just when I thought I had a good idea, I find out the idea is already taken. I do understand that this is not going to replace my 8-5 job I have right now, but wouldn’t it be awesome if I came up with an idea that took flight? I read a book for a class that was called Good to Great. In this book, I learned that the keys to a successful business weren’t necessarily to go out and make money, but rather to find a need. I think the key to finding a good product or service is to really dig deep and find something that will make a difference. I may not find it by my deadline, but it will not hurt to try.

Here’s to a new week and new ideas!


Published by Jessie Kimball

Wife, mother of 4, full-time worker, and part-time student. Just trying to keep my head above water!

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